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Inspired Club

  • 6 Bottles per shipment - Customer Choice of available wines
  • Unlimited 10% Discount on all wine orders and Guild Pickups/Shipments
  • 75% Shipping Discount within Oregon
  • Complimentary Tastings* at the Inspiration Station for you and two other people
  • Pre-order unreleased wines
  • Quarterly Release partys
  • Access to Library Wines
  • Limited Production wine allocations
  • Exclusive event access

Membership Terms

You must be 21 years of age or older to join the Awen wine club.
We will charge your credit card for wine shipments as they are released (rather than charging an annual fee).
You may cancel your membership at any time after receiving a minimum of four pickups or shipments if you are a Qurterly Club Member (Creative Club, Inspired Club or Enlightened Club) or 12 pickups or shipments if you are a monthly subscriber (Inspired Subscription or Enlightened Subsription). If you wish to cancel after that time, we require advanced written notice. We cannot cancel your membership once a shipment has been processed and is on its way to you.
If you are unable to pick up your club releases at the winery within 30 days after release, we will ship them to you automatically and use your credit card on file for shipping and applicable taxes

*Complentary tastings are limited to 4 per month total. This is tracked on your club profile when you visit the Inspiration Station

Club Choices

Fourth Quarter 2021

This December we have choosen our 2018 Sangiovese, 2018 Dolcetto and our 2019 Merlot as the Creative Club Pickup.

Our 2018 Sangiovese is sourced from Garvin Family Vineyards located in Sam’s Valley in the North of the Rogue Valley AVA. Aromas of Cherries, plum, baking spices, vanilla and toasted brown sugar are followed by Dark Cherry and strawberries flavors and lingering notes of spice and earthiness. The balanced mouthfeel is bright and friendly with a soft velvet finish.

The 2018 Dolcetto hails from Griffin Creek Vineyards, with some of the best soils and sunshine in the Rogue Valley. This wine is layered with Blue Fruit notes, Fresh berry flavors and a Medium Tannic profile. It is smooth on the palette,  dense with fruit and long on the finish.  

The 2019 Merlot is full of comfort and joy!  The beautiful aromas of vanilla, juicy sweet black cherries, and a slight dusting or raspberries followed by notes of powdered cocoa, soft blackberries and sugar plums on the palette.  What a perfect wine for looking out the window at snowflakes coming down.  

We are continually amazed at how well these wines are developing. They are mature and delicous exhibiting all of the hallmarks of a fine Awen wine,

As always, you can customize your order by choosing which ever wine you are hoping to receive. This can be done in your online profile. Simply login using your email and password, then select Club List. Inside the Club List section you will see the current period and you can Edit the period and change your wines by modifying the quantities. If you don't see a wine you are really wanting to purchase, let us know and we will track it down for you!


Please let us know if you have any issues with the new system. Give us a call and we will help.




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Rosé of Sinfandel 2019
Rosé of Sinfandel 2019 750mL
$22.50 ($2.50 savings)
Inspiration Blend 2017
Inspiration Blend 2017 750mL
$31.50 ($3.50 savings)
Inspiration Blend 2019
Inspiration Blend 2019 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Albariño 2018
Albariño 2018 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Albariño 2019
Albariño 2019 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Vermentino 2017
Vermentino 2017 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Vermentino 2018
Vermentino 2018 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Vermentino 2019
Vermentino 2019 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Chardonnay 2017
Chardonnay 2017 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Viognier 2017
Viognier 2017 750mL
$31.50 ($3.50 savings)
Viognier 2018
Viognier 2018 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Viognier 2019
Viognier 2019 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Grenache Blanc 2016
Grenache Blanc 2016 750mL
$31.50 ($3.50 savings)
Grenache Blanc 2017
Grenache Blanc 2017 750mL
$31.50 ($3.50 savings)
Grenache Blanc 2018
Grenache Blanc 2018 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Grenache Blanc 2019
Grenache Blanc 2019 750mL
$27.00 ($3.00 savings)
Dolcetto 2018
Dolcetto 2018 750mL
$38.70 ($4.30 savings)
Syrah 2017
Syrah 2017 750mL
$40.50 ($4.50 savings)
2018 Sangiovese
2018 Sangiovese 750mL
$38.70 ($4.30 savings)
2019 Merlot
2019 Merlot 750mL
$40.50 ($4.50 savings)

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