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  • 4 Bottles per shipment - Customer Choice of available wines
  • Unlimited 15% Discount on all wine orders and Guild Pickups/Shipments
  • Complimentary Tastings* at the Inspiration Station for you and two other people
  • Free Shipping within Oregon
  • Complementary Tastings at the Inspiration Station for you and three other people
  • Pre-order unreleased wines
  • Quarterly Release partys
  • Access to Library Wines
  • Limited Production wine allocations
  • Exclusive event access
  • Private tastings with Winemakers - Virtual or In person

Membership Terms


  • You must be 21 years of age or older to join the Awen wine club.
  • No Annual Membership fees:
  • Wine Club Release payments are made either Quarterly or Monthly based on the club you joined (Quarterly or Subscription).  

Member's Choice: 

  • All Awen Club memberships are "User Selection" based.
  • Our winemakers will provide  recomendations for the release based on season, new releases and Library availability in an email and text message* (*Opt-In Required to receive Text Messages) 7-10 Days before a wine release is processed.
  • During the "User Selection" period, members wishing to modify the recomendations are required to sign-in to the member portal and change their preference of wines for the given release.
  • If no modifications are made, payment will be processed based on the recomendations the winemakers provided for the given release.
  • Club Releases are processed on the day after the "User Selection" period ends. The "User Selection" period is published in the release notification email and text.
  • Modifications cannot be made using the member portal after the "User Selection" period has ended.
  • Modifications can be made by the Awen Club manager up until the club processing has completed. Please call our tasting room to make modifications after the "User Selection" period has ended but before the Club Processing has been completed (24 Hours).
  • No Refunds are allowed after club payment processing has completed. Awen will allow for exchanges, however price differences will be charged if required or added to the members account as store credit if required.

Membership Cancellation:

  • You may cancel your membership after receiving a minimum of four pickups or shipments if you are a Qurterly Club Member (Creative Club, Inspired Club or Enlightened Club).
  •  You may cancel your membership after receiving a minimum of12 pickups or shipments if you are a monthly subscriber (Inspired Subscription or Enlightened Subsription).
  • Cancellations require 30 day advanced written notice via Email to
  • We cannot cancel your membership or refund a shipment once the shipment has been processed and is on its way to your shipping location.

Wine Order Storage:

  • If you are unable to pick up your club releases at the winery within 30 days of release, wines may be swapped out based on availability. 
  • Awen reserves the right to ship the club release to your address on file automatically if the 30 days period has passed. This is based on available space at the tasting room and winery.

Club Choices

November 2022

This November we have choosen our 2019 Tempranillo as the Enlightened Subscription Pickup. 

The 2019 Tempranillo on the nose has hint of spun sugar dancing with candied plums.  On the palate the golden tobacco has been sun baked with a dusting of light brown sugar with a lingering of baking spices.  The marriage of tobacco and rich dark red fruit and plums creates a beautiful smooth finish to savor with any holiday celebration.   

As always, you can customize your order by choosing which ever wine you are hoping to receive. This can be done in your online profile. Simply logon to and select login at the upper right corner, using your email and password. Then select Club List once you are logged onto the portal. Inside the Club List section you will see the current period and you can Edit the period and change your wines by modifying the quantities. If you don't see a wine you are really wanting to purchase, let us know and we will track it down for you!



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0 Bottles Selected
Inspiration Blend 2017
Inspiration Blend 2017 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Inspiration Blend 2019
Inspiration Blend 2019 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Albariño 2018
Albariño 2018 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Albariño 2019
Albariño 2019 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Vermentino 2018
Vermentino 2018 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Vermentino 2019
Vermentino 2019 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Chardonnay 2017
Chardonnay 2017 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Viognier 2017
Viognier 2017 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Viognier 2018
Viognier 2018 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Viognier 2019
Viognier 2019 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Grenache Blanc 2017
Grenache Blanc 2017 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Grenache Blanc 2018
Grenache Blanc 2018 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Grenache Blanc 2019
Grenache Blanc 2019 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Syrah 2017
Syrah 2017 750mL
$38.25 ($6.75 savings)
Reserve Viognier 2019
Reserve Viognier 2019 750mL
$34.00 ($6.00 savings)
2019 Merlot
2019 Merlot 750mL
$38.25 ($6.75 savings)
2018 Malbec
2018 Malbec 750mL
$42.50 ($7.50 savings)
2020 GB
2020 GB 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Vermentino 2020 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
Albariño 2020
Albariño 2020 750mL
$29.75 ($5.25 savings)
2021 Rose
2021 Rose 750mL
$21.25 ($3.75 savings)
Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 750mL
$42.50 ($7.50 savings)
Dolcetto 2019 750mL
$38.25 ($6.75 savings)
2019 Tempranillo 750mL
$42.50 ($7.50 savings)

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